The Old Sellwood Bridge is gone! It can no longer support cars, buses and fire engines, but it is still a thing of beauty. Local artists, kids, and friends alike, used chips, chunks and pieces of rebar to turn the Old Sellwood Bridge into something to behold! Congrats to everyone who participated. Your efforts to recycle the Old Bridge into art are wonderful.  

And, the winners of our neighborhood art contest are: Preschool:Simone, Elementary School (5-7): Lola, Elementary School (8-10): Mimi, Middle School: Isabel, High School: Simon, Adult (second): Lisa Parsons and Adult (first): Tamar Hammer.  

Thank you to the Community Art Committee of the Original Sellwood Bridge for their time and great prizes: Blue Kangaroo Coffee Roasters, Cloud Cap Games, Collage, Oodles 4 Kids, The Portland Bottle Shop, Rumpus Events, Savory Spice, Zebu