Rachel is known in the Sellwood-Westmoreland community as the Events Planner Extraordinaire. She masterminded and orchestrated the Llewelyn Elementary Carnival from a small, typical, tacky, plasticky affair into a huge, business- and community-supported, imaginative, wholesome, recycled, highly anticipated, thoroughly fun experience. Picture a neighborhood event where kids enjoy such wholesome activities as running 3-legged races, creating a moss garden terrarium, getting their hair and faces painted in technicolor, dancing to live bands, shooting an arrow and participating in a tug-of-war.

When Rachel offered to manage Oodles 4 Kids' expansion/2nd birthday bash, of course I didn't hesitate for a moment! As busy as I was working on the expansion of the store, I knew I didn't have the time or energy to organize such a big affair. But, Rachel did have the energy--and the smarts, the follow-through skills, the diplomacy, the creativity and the social relationships and connections.

On almost a daily basis, Rachel checked in with me to let me know what was happening with participating vendors, performers, other neighborhood businesses and volunteers. She magnificently managed the minutiae that makes an event successful, and I knew I had no need to worry about anything falling between the cracks. When the big day arrived, it was hugely attended, beautifully organized and thoroughly enjoyed by all. Because of Rachel, I was actually able to interact with my customers and celebrate the day. Many kudos to Rachel! 

Carolyn Miye/Oodles 4 Kids, 7727 SE 13th Avenue/Portland, OR97202/503-719-7670/ https://www.facebook.com/Oodles4Kids