Rumpus Events is a full-service event planning business, aiming to exceed your wildest expectations. We take care of everything from designing a delightful event or lucrative fundraiser to implementing every little-itty-bitty facet. We take pleasure in worrying about the details, so you don't have to.

We serve individuals and corporate, private, and non-profit organizations. 

You choose the look & feel: classic, bold, whimsical, somber, casual, or something never before done. Whatever the event, Rumpus Events will make it unique and memorable.

We are available to take control of the whole-shebang, or you can carve out a specific piece for us. No matter the scope of work, we meet every task with energy and focus. We can take care of:

  • Budgeting
  • Sponsorship
  • Permits & Contracts
  • Communication & Marketing 
  • Staff & Volunteers
  • Sound & Visual
  • Music & Entertainment
  • Food
  • Decoration & Floral
  • Hair, Makeup & Clothing
  • Photography & Film
  •  Supplies
  •  Facilities
  •  Signs
  •  Safety
  • Garbage & Recycling
  • Feedback
  • Thank you’s